Are You As Healthy As You Want To Be?


For over forty years I have been meeting new people, presenting lectures and providing workshops about health across the globe. When I say in greeting, “How are you?” they most all say something like, “Fine.” Then they begin to share with me all of their ailments! How healthy are you, really? That is not an idle a question!

Are You Really Healthy?

What does that question actually mean to you? As you begin to read my posts I want you to think about that question, “Am I as healthy as I want to be?” The global authority is supposed to be The World Health Organization (WHO) so let’s look at what they say, health is, “complete physical, mental, and social well-being–not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” They then proceed to refer to “healthy” as eating a good diet, getting exercise, getting enough rest or sleep, and being able to manage a broad range of emotions.

How Is Your Diet?

Since diet is one of the first things mentioned by WHO that will be one of our first subjects in this series of posts concerning our own individual feelings about health. As I have traveled the world over and over it has been my humble observation that many in our world simply do not have enough of the right foods available to them. At the same time I see many here in North America who have good food available but do not eat a nutritious diet! For example, do you eat the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables? A very large percentage of us do not!

Let’s Talk About Exercise!

Babies get lots of exercise! They move constantly. In our teens and twenties most of us participate in many outdoor activities and are always on the move. WHO stresses that one of the necessary parts of being healthy is physical activity. Yet, many people in today s world view exercise and physical activity as something that is both inconvenient and difficult in their everyday settings. Not everyone can “run down to the gym” on their lunch hour. Another point that gets mentioned to me is often the expense involved today in so many types of physical activities! They say that this is one of the reasons “pickle-ball” has become so popular! 

What About Obesity?

Are you one of the thousands (millions?) who is overweight? What does overweight mean in today s world? WHO refers to obesity as a global epidemic and it surely is one of North Americas major health problems. Why (and how?) have we become so overweight? Is it the diet we have? Lack of exercise? Emotional distress? There are some who say that eating more fruits and vegetables would change much of this. Is that actually true? What role does advertising by fast-food chains have to do with this challenge?

Fodder For Future Posts!

I opened this website to broaden my ability to express some of my own views regarding how we all feel about our personal health. As I have written the paragraphs above I have barely touched on the many points that people have made to me over the years. I am looking forward with eager anticipation to being able to share with all of you some of what I have learned through some truly amazing experiences! As we develop this conversation and dialogue I hope you will share your thoughts about how you feel regarding your own personal health!

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