When I turned 16 my Father gave me two gifts. One was a copy of THINK AND GROW RICH by Napolean Hill. The second was a $100 bill. He told me to study THINK AND GROW RICH and practice what it teaches. He also told me not to regard it as The Bible but to use it as a guide. Regarding the $100 bill he told me to always keep it in my wallet because it would draw other $100 bills to it.


This morning as I write this blog I have two more bills in my wallet to match it. He told me it was OK to spend the bill but always to replace it immediately in my wallet. That has happened many times over my lifetime . When he gave me that first bill, I did not understand the tremendous value of what he was teaching me. Today, I do! My wallet has often run low, but I have always kept a $100 bill there. What a lesson for a 16 year old to learn! I have now read THINK AND GROW RKICH many times. It was my first introduction to the tremendous power we each have in our ability to use our amazing minds.


I also now realize that the $100 bill was my first introductions to the power and strength of a vision and affirmations to support that vision. Thank you, Dad!! Looking at my book cases I see two shelves lined with books about how to use the creative power of our minds. I have now taught and led hundreds of workshops across the globe on the huge power we each have with our thoughts. Mahatma Gandhi said, “A man is but the product of his thoughts, what he thinks he believes.”


I keep notebooks of thoughts that have occurred to me over the years and one thought has been repeated several times, “Why is it that so few use this tremendous power that we each have been given?


I have always admired people who have the ability to draw and paint. To be an artist is to truly use this wonderful power of the imagination and the thoughts of our minds. My wife, Kathleen, is one of those people. She has a beautiful still life painting that hangs on the wall in our hallway. It is a composition that blends colors and flow of motion that she originally visualized only in her mind. Authors of the written page are the same. A thought becomes a vision and that becomes a story or piece of poetry. The next time you drive down a street and see a beautiful building, realize that building was first an idea, a thought, a vision in someone’s mind. I have always loved business, because it is so creative. Every store, farm, manufacturing plant or business you see was once an idea, a thought in someone’s mind.


You can accomplish most anything you want. This has been proven over and over. It takes concentration, meditation, faith in what may seem impossible. Commit yourself today to make something happen in your life that will improve the lives of those around you. You can do this! Over the next few days I will post more that you may find helpful in developing and achieving your own vision!

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8 thoughts on “DO YOU HAVE A VISION?

  1. Hi Phil,

    I see you want us to ask you a question about your article? Ok..

    1) Have other $100 bills magically appeared in your wallet because of that initial bill? Or did you just earn them like the rest of us?

    2) “I keep notebooks of thoughts that have occurred to me over the years and one thought has been repeated several times, “Why is it that so few use this tremendous power that we each have been given?” …I don’t understand what you mean here? What power are you talking about? 


    1. Justin, I have always questioned if magic is real!  Sorry, this has taken so long.  I have had a long, full and very exciting life.  There have been times when I would dig out the $100 bill and use it.  I would always put it back.  At times in my thirties, I questioned if more bills would come to me!  In 1984 I lost one million dollars of my own cash but I always seemed to have another $100 bill in my wallet.  Magic? NO! Faith and determination?  Absolutely!  Question #2.  I have taught workshops across the globe and have encountered many who simply don’t believe they have the power to attract abundance.  Interestingly enough, when a person writes down their desires and has faith they can accomplish those ideas they always come to pass.  Often, not in the exact way we anticipate!

  2. Hi!
    Your story about the $100 bill and the lessons from your father truly inspired me. It’s a unique take on the importance of vision and positive thinking. I’m curious, how do you recommend starting to develop such a powerful vision, especially for those of us who might be starting from scratch? Any practical first steps? Thank you for your work and for sharing this uplifting message!

    Warm regards,

    1. Makhsud, I apologize for taking so long to respond.  One step I have recommended to many in my workshops has been to get a copy of WRITE IT DOWN, MAKE IT HAPPEN by Henriette Klauser and begin journaling your thoughts.  Writing something down can be a major step in developing a true vision.  I found my wife years ago by wring a letter description to a woman I did not know even existed.  Four pages of description!  I met her at a conventions and my description was perfect.

  3. What a powerful and insightful story! The combination of receiving “Think and Grow Rich” along with a $100 bill as a gift from your father is a unique and impactful way to introduce the principles of wealth creation and the strength of a positive mindset. Your advice to study the book and treat the $100 bill as a magnet for more serves as a practical lesson in the law of attraction. Your reflections on the value of this early lesson and its connection to the power of vision and affirmations add depth to the narrative. It’s a reminder of the incredible potential within each individual’s mind and the importance of harnessing that power for personal growth and success. Thank you for sharing I love it!

    1. Ela, I was unable to respond to you.  Thank you for your comments.  Yes, I agree, our minds have incredible power!  It is intriguing how few use their minds as a factor in determining where they go in life!

  4. Hi, 

    The personal story shared on Supporting My Health about harnessing the power of vision and affirmations offers an intriguing perspective on personal growth and success. Reflecting on this narrative, here are three thought-provoking questions:

    How can someone who struggles with visualizing success or positive outcomes begin to cultivate a powerful vision for their future, especially if they’ve faced numerous setbacks?
    The story mentions the importance of always having a $100 bill in the wallet as a symbol of abundance. Beyond the symbolic, what practical steps can individuals take to ensure they attract and retain wealth and success?
    Considering the influence of books like “Think and Grow Rich” on the author’s life, what other resources or practices would you recommend to someone looking to unlock the power of their mind and manifest their visions into reality?

    Many thanks for your story shared. 

    1. Sara, My apologies for not responding.  I was unavoidably detained.  One step you might take would be to read and use WRITE IT DOWN, MAKE IT HAPPEN by Henriette Klauser.  I have used it for years and recommended it often.

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