I grew up in the Northwest, where the saying was, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” Later, living in Central America I was told to eat a banana every day for good health.


I was introduced to bananas by my Father when he returned from the South Seas in WWII. He loved to slice a banana and put it on a peanut butter sandwich. Today they are still a fruit that I love to eat in a salad. Still fairly low in cost, they provide a broad variety of nutrients. A medium sized banana is only about 112 calories. It provides fiber, calcium, vitamin C, riboflavin, folate, niacin, copper, potassium and others. Wow! What a fruit!


Bananas are full of antioxidants that are so necessary for protection against free radicals. These antioxidants are linked to many health benefits including lowering the risk of heart disease and aging or degenerative diseases. Antioxidants are essential because free radicals build up in the body over time and can cause serious harm.


For example, did you know that bananas are really a berry? They are actually produced by several types of flowering plants of the genus Musa. The non-dessert bananas are called plantains and are used often, almost like a potato. Bananas can help slow your digestion and help you feel fuller. Bananas are often used in smoothies to make them smoother and more filling. There was a banana finca close to my home in Guatemala and the bananas were always picked green in a large clump. One day I said to a friend that fruit is better ripened on the vine. He laughed and said, “Not bananas. We always cut them down green and let them ripen to a good yellow, not brown, and everybody loves them.” There is research that is beginning to show that unripened bananas may help improve insulin sensitivity.


Bananas are so easy to use. They seem to aid the digestion and are simple to add to a weight loss diet. This is because they are so nutrient dense, low in calories for their size and quite filling. Try mashing a banana, add two beaten eggs and a little quick oats for delicious pancakes! I love milk shakes. My Grandfather taught me to add a frozen banana slice or two to the blender for a great chocolate, vanilla or straight banana shake! Personally, I have come to really enjoy a good banana muffin in the morning. Yes, I do drink coffee and this muffin is great with my coffee! Get creative and have fun making up recipes using bananas!

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4 thoughts on “EAT A BANANA EVERY DAY!

  1. Your article on the health benefits of eating a banana every day was both enlightening and compelling. As someone who is keen on maintaining a balanced diet, I found your insights very informative.

    The detailed explanation of the nutritional content of bananas and their potential health benefits provides a comprehensive understanding of why this fruit is a great addition to our diets. It’s interesting to learn about the myriad of ways bananas can support our health – from aiding digestion to providing vital nutrients.

  2. This post brings to light the amazing nutritional benefits of bananas, a fruit often undervalued because of its ubiquity and low cost. The author does a commendable job in highlighting the various health benefits of this ‘superfood’.

    One of the aspects that stand out is the nutritional density of bananas. The fact that a medium-sized banana, with a modest 112 calories, is packed with a host of essential nutrients like fiber, calcium, vitamin C, riboflavin, folate, niacin, copper, and potassium, certainly makes it a powerhouse of nutrition.

    Moreover, the author highlights how bananas are rich in antioxidants, which are crucial in protecting the body against harmful free radicals. This benefit, linked to reduced risks of heart disease and aging or degenerative diseases, truly emphasizes the importance of incorporating antioxidant-rich foods like bananas in our daily diet.

    Interestingly, the author provides some fun facts about bananas, such as their classification as a berry and their role in improving insulin sensitivity, enhancing the engaging and informative aspect of the post.

    Lastly, the emphasis on the ease of incorporating bananas into our diet—be it in salads, smoothies, pancakes, milkshakes, or muffins—reminds us that maintaining a healthy diet does not necessarily entail complex recipes or exotic ingredients. A simple, widely available, and affordable fruit like a banana can offer considerable health benefits.

    Overall, this post does a fantastic job of promoting the importance of bananas in a healthy diet and providing easy and enjoyable ways to include them in our meals. It serves as a reminder that something as accessible as a banana can significantly contribute to our well-being.

    1. John, I really appreciate your comments.  Bananas are a great way to add economically to our diets!

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