K-Beauty is an umbrella term that has come to represent the amazing skincare systems and programs that have been developed in Korea over the last centuries. K-Beauty skincare with glycans is the newest rendition of these long-standing Korean skincare systems that have been brought to North America under the name LUMINOVATION.


K-Beauty has gained fame in the Western World because it has brought the Korean traditions focusing on health, good hydration and a strong emphasis on luminosity and skin brightening effects. In the past few decades Korean skincare has revolutionized the global skincare industry. Korean women have long felt that the skin’s appearance was closely linked to the inner health and care taken of the total body. The time of The Three Kingdoms saw major steps forward in the development of Korean skincare. Korean clean beauty systems have come to mean very self-conscious, cruelty-free and vegan products. These products are most often very significantly associated with the wellness and health of the human body. K-Beauty products also are being recognized world-wide as favorable to the world environment


Glycans are also referred carbohydrates, saccharides and often simply as sugars. They are now central to a number of biological processes and are useful in an array of applications. Since the skin is our biggest human organ, it is natural that glycans have now been applied to skin formulations. It has now been determined by science that glycans play essential roles in almost every biological process. Because of the complexity of glycan formations, it is only through recent scientific study that the broad application possibilities of glycans have been realized.


Mannatech, known internationally as “the science company,” has now introduced to the USA the newest innovation of K-Beauty. With over seven years very satisfactory experience in the Korean market LUMINOVATION brings to the USA the perfect skincare system for hydrating and refreshing your skin! My own personal experience with over forty years of manufacturing and distributing specialized skincare products has left me truly excited about what LUMINOVATION offers the US market!


Are you one of the thousands looking for an additional income that is combined with a true cause? In 1994 I was exposed to a way to earn an income, be of service to those around me and help feed thousands of hungry children through a self-sustaining Social Entrepreneur program. LUMINOVATION offers the newest and most exciting skincare program as a vehicle that combines all three of the goals I was looking for thirty years ago! It may provide the same for you! Go to my attached website and check it out. Leave me you name and information if you have any interest in meeting the skincare needs of those around you and at the very same time helping me feed hundreds more needy children! https://trymannatech.com/1461

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  1. Wow, this blog post really shed some light on the fascinating world of K-Beauty and its evolution over the centuries. I had no idea about the deep-rooted traditions and philosophies behind Korean skincare, especially the emphasis on inner health reflecting on outer beauty.

    LUMINOVATION sounds like a game-changer in the skincare industry, especially with its successful track record in the Korean market. It’s refreshing to see a skincare brand aligning with such noble goals.

    I’ll be sure to check out your website for more information. Thank you for sharing your insights and offering this exciting opportunity!

    1. Hi there, Thanks for responding to my post.  Yes, Korean skincare is changing the world-wide skincare industry.  We are making even more changes by adding the glycans!   Phil

  2. I found your story to be intruiging and thought provoking. Although your products are mainly aimed at women (I am assuming that is the case) are they of any use to men? The reason I ask is that I have an ongoing problem with skin cancer to my face (thankfully not melanoma). Do you suggest any treatment or products to help please?

    1. Thank you so much for responding to me post.  I have been in the skincare industry for several decades and over that period of time have seen the men’s skincare systems explode!  The LUMINOVATION system can definitely be used by both men and women.  What makes this system totally unique is that we have added the glycans to the formulation.   

  3. I never knew that Korean skincare existed, or is even popular and learning about what it is made up of, is really fascinating. I’m curious, are glycans becoming more essential for skincare? It seems the science is really starting to show the importance of glycans and wondering if they are going to be more prominent in skincare products, especially K-beauty skincare.

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