Keeping our gut healthy is one of the most important things we can do. When our gut is not functioning right, our entire system will probably be “off.” Your gut health affects everything from your immune system to your athletic performance. Here is some information that will help you maintain a healthy gut environment!


Ginger root is one of my favorite supplements. Some people may not like this, but I even like the dry root ground fine and in a milkshake! I add ginger to almost anything from rice dishes to various meat dishes. Ginger is good for the motility of the intestine. (That really means it keeps things moving in the intestine!) I prefer to buy my own ginger root and slice it fine or dry it and powder it. I have found that commercial ginger root is sometimes adulterated to make it go further! Not good!


I was a milkman for a Greek Dairy while in college and I learned to love really good Greek yogurt and kefir cheese. The yogurt I am talking about is not the overly sweet flavored stuff but yogurt with lots of good bacteria and support for the intestine. Don’t get me wrong, I do like to flavor my yogurt sometimes with good fruit and a little honey but most of the sweetened stuff in grocery stores just doesn’t meet my needs! Sauerkraut is another of the fermented foods that I really like. So many things can be done with sauerkraut. It can be cooked with various meats. It can be served in a cold German salad. I have a friend who runs it through a food processor with spices and creates a delicious side-dish. I cannot leave fermented foods without mentioning really good kimchi. Frankly, there is a lot of kimchi on the market that I don’t care for but really good Korean kimchi is hard to beat!


I used to think that bone broth was a strange thing to eat. I had a good friend kin Portland by the name,e of Dr. Lendon Smith and one night as we sat chatting he told me that good bone broth was really good for reducing inflammation. I began to research it and found that it was a very common “folk-remedy” for literally thousands of years. My wife always bought a big bone at the butcher shop and boiled it for our German Shepherd/Lab. She always gave him the boiled off broth and our boy lived for a healthy eighteen years! I have had to change my mind and now I have a good bowl of beef broth about twice a month.


I have provided you a link here with seven of my favorite healthy “gut foods.” Go check them out. Begin to use them and they truly will help you maintain a healthy gut. As Dr. Lendon Smith used to tell me, “The gut is really where it all begins.”

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