Our amazing bodies need regular exercise and proper nourishment. Not just once in a while but everyday! Throughout this article I have given you a few links to help find different ways of providing your body with nourishment and support.


We must stay properly hydrated to process and eliminate all the toxins we are exposed to daily. Our bodies are about 60% water so liquids are essential. As a boy I was taught to drink water all the time. When I moved to Guatemala in the sixties, I found no one drank water. It was dangerous to do so! Everyone drank, beer, soda pop and fruit juice. A few boiled water but the majority did not. A few years later when I met my wife, Kathleen, I saw that she put lemon juice in her water glass with every drink she took. When I asked why she told me that her Mother had told her it would be good for her skin. How right her Mother was! Lemon added to water is loaded with vitamin C and is great for your immune system. One of the ways to nourish your body is by drinking adequate liquids!


When I first got into the Wellness arena the Medical Industry was opposed to vitamin supplements. Then a few decades ago the American Medial Association said that all Americans should be using a vitamin supplement. They said this based on the accepted fact that our fruits and vegetables were declining in food value. That is a subject for a different article but today let’s accept that a good vitamin-mineral supplement is virtually essential. You can nourish your body with a variety of supplements depending upon your age, your daily diet, your culture and lifestyle. Remember one thing about supplements: that is exactly what they are, supplements. They should never be regarded as replacements for good solid foods.


As the United States Department of Agriculture began to publish more each year about declining food values in the US private companies began to develop dietary supplements based on what have been called Superfoods. These are foods that have been recognized traditionally as being strong in vitamins and minerals. There are several Superfood products on the market. I use a Superfood myself but I strongly urge that a Superfood not become a replacement for having the best diet of foods wth a heavy concentration on fruits and vegetables. Nourish your body every day with the best foods and diet available!


I am in my seventh decade of working in the Wellness arena. I have farmed, operated a large herbal products company, owned a pharmaceutical production laboratory and presented lectures across the globe. I am constantly dismayed at the number of people world-wide who do not take responsibility for their own health! It is up to each of us to research products, learn about diets and in general gain as much knowledge as possible about how to be the healthiest possible. Our medical doctors should always be regarded as one of our top counselors. At the same time we each need to educate ourselves to the point where we are capable of making our own proper health decisions.

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  1. I love that you wrote about how to nourish your body with all these tips. I am curious for more information and have bookmarked your website, but I do have questions though. How many liters of water per day should we drink,is there a good formula and does one need to drink more than the other? Also about the supplements, does everybody need supplements? thanks!

    1. Lizzy, Yes, according to the American Medical Association all Americans should be using a vitamin supplement.  Here is a link to a very good grouping of supplements.  Thirty years ago I became an Associate/Affiliate with this company and I have used these products myself for all that time.  Everything they sell is sold with a 6 month money back guarantee of satisfaction.…    

  2. Hi! I must recognize that lately, I find water very unappealing (I’ve been a water drinker all of my life), I’m gonna have to put some water goals to start drinking it again. I didn’t know that about lemon!!! I’ll definitely put it into practice now that I’m trying to be obsessive about my health… Do you know which vitamin complex it’s more important for an energy boost and concentration? I really need help with it.

    1. Constanza, Please forgive me for taking so long!  I do have a vitamin/mineral that I can recommend.  I have used this product myself for many years.  Thirty years ago, I became an Associate/Affiliate with this company.  Everything they have is sold with a six month money back guarantee of satisfaction.  Here is a link that you can go to see the products for yourself.…   

  3. Thank you for emphasizing the importance of nourishing our bodies inside and out. Staying properly hydrated is indeed crucial for eliminating toxins and maintaining overall health. It’s interesting to hear about your experiences with drinking water and how adding lemon juice can be beneficial. Vitamin and mineral supplements can provide essential nutrients, especially when our diets may be lacking. However, it’s essential to remember that supplements should complement a balanced diet rather than replace it. Superfoods can be a valuable addition, but they shouldn’t replace a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Taking responsibility for our health is vital, and educating ourselves allows us to make informed decisions while seeking guidance from medical professionals. Keep up the great work in promoting wellness!

    1. Jason, thanks so much for your comments.  I appreciate your taking the time to read the article.

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