It can be difficult to get a good nights sleep! Are you sleepy all the time? You may be working longer hours, concerned about bills, worried about taking care of your home. Having your sleep disrupted can leave you upset and stressed the next day. It can even lead to your being irritable and snarley! If you are sleepy all the time, at work and everywhere else then it is essential that you do a few things to correct that. What can you do?

These will help you sleep better.

Getting adequate exercise is important! In fact, experts say that getting thirty minutes of exercise every day correlates to fourteen extra minutes of sleep each night! Do you watch TV every night? Do you sleep with your phone near your pillow? Blue light from digital devices appears to suppress your body’s natural release of melatonin and make it more difficult to sleep. Eating late at night can disrupt our sleep patterns. Not getting the nutrition our bodies need can have a negative effect on our ability to get to sleep and maintain a full nights rest. Take the time to relax before going to bed. Leave the coffee alone after dinner. Turn your TV off before going to bed. Have a good nights sleep!

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8 thoughts on “SLEEPY ALL THE TIME?

  1. Sleep to me gets more and more illusive as I grow older, but I must say that exercising definitely helps here as it makes you more tired. Also keeping your phone and iPad in another room helps to as you are not tempted to turn them on.

     I find I fall asleep easily but wake up early hours and can’t go back to sleep. Do you have any advice for this condition?

    1. Hi Michel,  Thanks for your comments.  As a matter of fact I do have a recommendation for you.  I actually have worked with a company for nearly thirty years that makes one of the best sleep products I have found.  You can check it out at…          I use these myself.

  2. Ahhh, sleep… it is such a necessary part of life, but how many of us actually get the amount of sleep needed? Even my kids will struggle with sleep just because they can’t shut their brains down at night (even after screens are off and things are calm)  What do you suggest to help those who have trouble shutting down at night and who have already left the coffee alone after 3pm and turned screens off well before bed?

  3. Only rarely do I have trouble falling asleep.  I sleep deeply and usually wake up refreshed.  The ‘problem’ is, I only need 5 hours a night.  My whole (now long) life I’ve been told that’s not enough, but for me, it’s just my normal rhythm.  I work well at creative or intellectual things in the morning, and more mundaine physical tasks in the afternoon.  My diet and exercise routines are good.  Yet, after lunch, if I sit down for a bit of ‘rest’, I usually doze off…  And that remains true in the evening, too.  After a short ‘snooze’, 5 minutes or so, I’m up and at ’em again.  Besides this ‘dozing off’, which friends think is funny (ha ha), my regime works for me…  All in all, I’m happy with my sleep routine, but not with dozing off…  Maybe sleeping 6 hours instead of 5 would help, but my body won’t cooperate.  Even if I change the hour I go to bed (for example, go to bed earlier), I wake up all on my own after five hours.  But I AM going to try to implement some of your suggestions.  I know the blue light is bad, but the temptation is great!   And I’m weaning myself off the ‘bedtime snack’ routine (although eating does seem to put me to sleep).   Do you have any insights about dreaming?  I almost never remember dreams…

    1. I too have found that I do not require as much sleep as I have always been told.  Sorry, I can’t really respond well to the question about dreaming.  Perhaps someone else can.

  4. Hey, dear friend. I think you have mentioned such a necessary piece of information. As you have mentioned, there are too many reasons for sleep interruption patterns, and the good news is that there are too many easy methods to help you to sleep. Lately, I had some problems with my sleeping time fortunately, I solved my problem by exercising.

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