Each day offers all of us new opportunities! Start your day right to reach your full potential! Lack of sleep can make a tremendous difference. Few people seem to realize that if you start your day right then you can have a great day all the time. I have listed a few suggestions in my link.


Develop a way of exercising, meditating, or journaling each and everyday. It is truly amazing what exercising your brain and body will do for you as you begin each day. Keeping your brain nimble and active by learning new skills and meeting new people does wonders to maintain us into older age. It has always intrigued me how exercise for the body seems to also have a positive effect on our brain!


Do you take time each day for yourself? so many people do not! Start your day right by setting aside time for exercise, reading, repeating motivational phrases, or listening to uplifting music. My High School football coach taught us to recite affirmations. He took a mediocre group of High School boy athletes and led us to a one loss season! I grew up on a dairy. My Father played soothing music for our milk cows in the barn. He said it did as much for him as it did for the cows!


Find your best sleep schedule and stick to it. Always have a balanced breakfast! Breakfast is so easy to skip in our rush to get to work and all the daily activities! Sleep is an essential part of life that often gets neglected. Following Coviid many are struggling with lack of sleep. Learn how to combat this lack. If you have not gone to my off-site list of suggestions; go there now at start your day right. You have the power to start your day off right—so use it to your advantage with my helpful tips.

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4 thoughts on “START THE DAY RIGHT!

  1. You hit the bullseye with the whole sleep thing! Can’t stress enough how crucial a good night’s kip is to starting the day off with a bang. Isn’t it wild how getting the brain and body moving, plus a little me-time, can really crank up our well-being? And don’t even get me started on a balanced breakfast and consistent sleep schedule – these underrated game-changers often take a backseat in our 24/7 lives. You’re speaking my language when it comes to optimizing sleep and making self-care a non-negotiable. Kudos for the top-notch advice – here’s to living life in the productive lane!

    1. Ryan, Yes, sleep is so very important.  One of my early business Mentors told me never to miss this part of my total day!

  2. Great article! Starting the day on the right foot can indeed make a huge difference in our overall well-being. I couldn’t agree more with the importance of exercising, meditating, or journaling each day. Taking time for ourselves and maintaining a balanced schedule is crucial for personal growth. And optimizing sleep and having a nutritious breakfast are excellent habits to prioritize. Thank you for sharing these valuable suggestions to help us reach our full potential every day!

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