Dr. Steve Nugent, PsyD, PDD, MA, MACN, CNC has written one of the best books I have read on surviving on a toxic planet. This is something we should all be concerned about in today’s world. His book titled, “How To Survive On A Toxic Planet” goes into great detail about the extent of the use and presence of toxic chemicals in our world. So, who is this man, Dr. Steve Nugent, and why did he write this book?


I first met Steve Nugent over twenty years ago and was immediately impressed with his sincerity and wisdom. Dr. Nugent is a leading and internationally known expert on the therapeutic use of dietary supplements and one of the world’s leading expert researchers on the connections and relationships between environmental toxins and diseases. Prior to traveling the world educating both laymen and professionals he operated one of the most successful complimentary medicine practices in North America. He has formulated well over 100 dietary supplements and tested thousands more. In addition to his book on the toxins of the world he is the author of “Nugent’s Physicians Desk Reference For Applied Clinical Nutrition.”

Retiring from his active practice in 1998, he now devotes all of his energy to sharing the vitally important information in this book. Dr. Nugent has an incredible ability to communicate verbally which has brought thousands of people world-wide to his lectures. “How To Survive On A Toxic Planet” brings together his years of research and experience in an easy to read and understand presentation of information vital to a struggling planet.

In this book you will learn that toxic chemicals are now found at both the North and South Poles. It is becoming increasingly difficult to raise any type of foods without having them be exposed to these chemicals. Dr. Nugent also gives tips as to what you and I can do to stay healthier ourselves and save our planet.

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  1. Hi. thanks for introducing this book. I agree that nowadays everything is unnatural and toxic, from the air that we breathe to the food. I love to read this book cause I thought we can’t do anything about it. because it’s a worldwide thing, not an individual and we should do something about it together.

  2. The world is changing as we know it and we still have many questions about our planet. Chemicals and toxins are everywhere.

    I haven´t heard of Dr.Steve Nugent before so thank you for the short but descriptive bio. The rise of environmental toxins causes an influx of diseases.

    I also believe in the therapeutic use of dietary supplements as they can be a good help especially if you are not getting all the nutrients you should from your diet alone. Not everybody eats a healthy diet and for those who do maybe they have a day where they fall off course and eat something (fast-food), they usually wouldn´t eat. In those circumstances, supplements could help.

  3. Thanks for sharing this!

    I will definitely check this book out. I would like to know more about these chemicals and how we can survive from this.

    I also think people should read this book too since it deals with our planet. Who knows, maybe a new virus might start caused by these chemicals and we may never know if it could already be in our system.

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