Your body was born with one of the most complicated systems of communication on earth! In fact, it is so complicated that even today science does not fully understand it. Each moment of every day your body completes many varied complex tasks from keeping your body at a proper temperature to regulating your breathing. Trillions of cells do the talking in this communication miracle that keeps you functioning. This short article is not intended to explain all the complexities of the cells of your body but rather to keep before us the importance of maintaining this wonderful miracle of nature. This is a very specific system where certain molecules bind to their certain and specific receptors. Once the molecule has “docked” with the proper receptor cell it then creates activity within the cell itself and elicits responses.

A British researcher by the name of Robert Hooke was the first to coin the word “cell” in 1665. While observing a thin slice of cork under a microscope he saw honeycomb appearing structures which he termed as cells.


Cells communicate or talk to each other in many different ways. There are primarily three methods they commonly use.

* Chemical Compounds such as nutrients and toxins.

* Electrical Impulses like neurotransmitters which induce signals along nerves.

* Mechanical Stimuli. An example could be the stomach stretching to indicate fullness.

The cells of your body respond to each other in a number of ways your body has developed to properly react to the needs of your trillions of cells. In some cases the cell may need assistance for one reason or another. In many instances the cell may be of danger to the body and must be rejected to maintain health. Or the cell may require food and sustenance. When the cells of your body are communicating well your body can run smoothly and efficiently. When something impedes the proper communication process your body may develop disease or not function as it should. Your cells must constantly sense the biochemical balance of your body, its temperature, your pH, and your energy levels. Detoxification is an essential function of your cells. It is absolutely essential for your good health that your cells constantly be monitoring and communicating their needs back and forth to one another.


There are many things that can negatively affect the way your cells communicate and thus strongly impede your health. Among them are lack of exercise, environmental factors, toxins that we come in contact with, the regular aging process and very importantly, an unhealthy diet. Your body must maintain a healthy balance of the necessary and key nutrients to keep your communication system operating as it should. Vitamin D, potassium, magnesium, sodium and several others are very important to this system. A healthy diet with a good amount of fruits and vegetables is vital to maintaining this communication. Eating a diet rich in healthy fats and proteins can assist your body to actually maintain the shape of your cells and keep the communication pathways functioning properly. Free radicals can erode healthy cells and damage your DNA communication molecules which then cannot function as they should. Cell-to-cell communication within the human body is vitally essential to maintaining a strong and healthy body.


The reason or purpose for cell-to-cell communication is to respond and constantly adjust to both your internal and external environment. When these pathways work properly your body runs smoothly as designed. However, when for some reason a cell is not properly communicating, has become damaged or does not respond to other cells signals then your body will begin to respond negatively. Your cells constantly monitor all of your many bodily functions such as temperature, pH and biochemistry. Your cells are part of a team that must work together just as all eleven members of a football team must know and understand the moves of all the team members. As a team your cells all have the goal of keeping you healthy and full of life. I hope that this short presentation has helped you understand the incredible importance of understanding that our cells must daily have proper cell-to-cell communication and that we must do everything possible to maintain a healthy cell structure.

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  1. Thank you very much for this valuable detailed post about CELLS OF YOUR BODY. I definitely like posts like these a lot. A cell is a very important part of the body. I learned a lot of important information from your post. Especially this cell to cell communication is a very interesting part for me. Keep posting this kind of posts. I definitely share this.

  2. It is so amazing to see how our bodies are properly designed with so many cells that dose their part to ensure that the body functions as it was created to do. Science is amazed at the number of cells that our body has and how each cell or how the body has the ability to repair itself.

    1. I have studied the body and its responses for years.  I am more amazed each day at the way this amazing machine functions!

  3. Hey, I’m a big fan of health and body topics content. I enjoyed reading line by line. You have shared such a piece of great and detailed information with us. I liked the part ‘ NUTRIENTS CAN BE ESSENTIAL TO CELLS’. Our health can be easily affected by too many factors whether positive or negative. As you have mentioned, there is cell-to-cell communication which can finally maintain your strength and healthyness.

  4. Hi!

     This is a really interesting article about cell communication in the human body. It was super informative and really well-written. It talked about how cells communicate with each other using chemical compounds, electrical impulses, and mechanical stimuli. And it explained how nutrients play a crucial role in helping cells communicate properly. 

    The article also used this really clever example of a football team working together to demonstrate the importance of cell communication in maintaining good health. 

    Overall, I thought it was a really valuable resource for anyone looking to learn more about how the body functions and the importance of maintaining proper cell communication.


  5. This is a very informative post with narration done so that laymen can easily understand.

    It is really vital that cells communicate to each other so our body is always functioning properly.

    Of course, it really helps that we do regular exercise, eat healthy and rest and sleep well so our body cells are always at their optimum  health as well.


    1. Hi Marita,  Thanks for your valuable comments.  It is amazing that so many people do not realize how the cells of our bodies truly communicate between themselves moment by moment.

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