Several years ago, I owned a pharmaceutical production laboratory where we produced many herbal products that were sold in health food stores. A large number of these products were manufactured using the herb comfrey. One afternoon a young woman walked into my office and asked if we could produce an herbal skincare product for her. What an education I was about to receive!


As we sat talking in my office she suddenly stood and walked to a chalkboard on one wall. Here are five simple things she wrote that day that she wanted to cover in her skincare.

1) Protect your skin from the sun.

2) Always treat your skin gently.

3) Eat a healthy diet every day.

4) Do not smoke.

5) Stress has an effect on your skin.

One of her main points was that the skin should always be treated gently and lovingly. She proceeded to tell me a rather long story about how Korean women had long ago demanded that skincare products be developed for them that would provide nourishment to the skin while creating luminosity and silkiness. K-Beauty (an umbrella term for Korean skincare) is generations old but only recently has gained world-wide recognition as the best skincare system in the world. We created an herbal skincare creme for her that she sold many thousands of dollars of through her own party plan. We even changed the formula slightly and sold it ourselves through 4,000 health food stores in the USA, Canada and Australia. That experience impressed upon me the huge size of the skincare market!


Aloe Vera has been recognized for thousands of years as both a healing agent and an amazing skincare conditioner. Cleopatra is said to have used it regularly to keep her skin soft, supple and sensuous. Many of the great beauties of the ages have also been said to have used Aloe in a variety of forms for their skin. Seven years ago Mannatech began marketing a K-Beauty skincare system in Korea itself. The system sold amazingly well. Mannatech has been the leading company across the globe for thirty years in glyconutrient technology. Mannatech has had over one hundred-fifty patents issued world-wide on various applications of their glycotechnology. Many of those patents have been issued based on the Aloe Vera research papers owned by Mannatech. With the great success of the K-Beauty system in Korea it was a natural step for Mannatech to prepare a formulation combining their glycan research and K-Beauty. Thus, we have today LUMINOVATION! In my nearly fifty years of working with skincare products and systems LUMINOVATION is the most advanced system I have ever seen! This product truly combines K-Beauty and science!


Today I can offer you the opportunity to be among the first to use LUMINOVATION in North America. Simply go to my special website and check it out! In addition, I need a few ambitious, energetic people to help me introduce LUMINOVATION to the thousands of men and women in the US looking for a truly innovative skincare of the future! Go to my LUMINOVATION website and leave me your name and information. I will get back to you quickly.

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  1. Hey there,

    Your post is truly fascinating! It’s exciting to see the innovative advancements in skincare technology and how they can transform our routines. I love how the article covers the integration of AI, personalized treatments, and cutting-edge ingredients. 

    I’m curious, though—are there any upcoming brands or products that are leading the charge in these futuristic skincare innovations? And how soon can we expect these advancements to become widely available? 

    Thanks for sharing such an enlightening piece!


    1. Marios, Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply!  After my nearly fifty years in the skincare industry, I was pleased to see the K-Beauty system LUMINOVATION introduced by Mannatech.  Mannatech has done thousands of hours and millions of dollars of research on glyconutritional products.  Based upon this work they added glycans to the K-Beauty system they had chosen, and it is tremendous!  In my opinion it is the most advanced skincare system available today!  Check it out here

  2. What an interesting read! I really enjoyed how you took me through the journey of creating an herbal skincare product and merging traditional wisdom with modern science. The story about the young woman and her insights on skincare principles was particularly enlightening. It’s amazing how these simple, timeless practices like protecting the skin from the sun and eating a healthy diet remain fundamental to effective skincare. Thanks for sharing your story and insights! 

    1. Thank you for responding to my post.  Yes, caring for our inner health is one of the most important aspects of caring for the skin.  Over thirty years ago I discovered a grouping of products that my wife and I use every day.  Check them out here:

  3. Wow, in this complicated world, it is great to see that we are moving back to the simple things in life that have worked for decades and will for decades more to come.

    Your client was right when she put sun protection at the top of the list. The rest of the list dictates how one should live, and this will have the effect of your skin being nourished from the inside, which I guess is part of your inner beauty. More and more cosmetic companies are moving back to natural ingredients for their skin care ranges, just as it always should have been.

    1. Thanks so much for your comments, Michel.  Over the last few years more and more companies have been moving to natural products.  When I first got into this business over fifty years ago only 2% of the people said they used alternative medicines or any type of natural products.  Today nearly 75% say they go to a chiropractor, use alternative medicines, or regularly visit a store with natural products.

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