Our world is not what it was just a few years ago. The internet changed the way we approach all aspects of life. And then we were hit by Covid! Growing up in the Pacific Northwest in the 50s and 60s life was one of sports, hunting and fishing, pretty girls and trying to discover the right life-style. By the turn of the Century that life was changing forever. So many were confused by everything that was happening. And then the world was attacked by a great pandemic!


Most of us used to drive or ride to work and then spend about eight hours at our “job.” Breakfast was regarded as “the most important meal of the day.” People took about an hour for a real lunch and usually ate dinner at home, often with their family. As our lives changed so did our eating habits. Breakfast for many fell by the wayside and became an “energy” bar. Lunch is often skipped entirely. And they say about 75% of us do not eat with our families at a table for dinner. We have “Zoom” calls that occupy time each day. I live in New Jersey but have friends and business associates spread across the world in Canada, Korea, Australia and the UK. Since Covid, sleep has become a major problem for many. When a flood occurs in Thailand we know about it within a few minutes. Our lives have become so full that it is often difficult to determine what to do next.


Working at home can be wonderful! I get to see my wife any time I want. I can call my Brother in Oregon and talk as long as I choose. On the other hand, working at home can be terrible! Time just disappears! Before I know it, it is 1:30 and I missed lunch. I slept in a little and did not do my Scripture reading this morning like I try to do. I have worked for myself most of my adult life, so many of the challenges others have faced I became accustomed to years ago. One thing I learned a long time ago: Create a schedule and live by it! Be sure that schedule includes time for breakfast and a little exercise. Here is an important tip a Mentor told me years ago: Always get dressed for the day as if you were going to an office! People like to talk about having a home offkice and working in their pajamas. No! No! No! I operate a world-wide Network Marketing business with thousands of people. Trust me, I can tell the ones who start the day as I do, ready to do business! Their businesses are flourishing and growing! Take control of your day!


Working in an office it was always difficult to set aside time for my fmaily. I have found it is even harder when I am home and trying to get all of my work done each day! I have a rule that my Father lived by and it has helped me. He was an amazing salesman and made a good living. It was only after I was out of High School that I realized what he had done. He has been gone for over thirty years and I still share this with you here. I played football and ran in track. He never missed one of my athletic events! Today, I know that was often very difficult for him but it meant so much to me! Today, we have a Grandson who plays football and lacrosse. We never miss one of his games! Establish a rule for yourself and do not break it. Set aside time for your family and participate in their lives!


I have had many busy people tell me they never watch the news or read a newspaper. I don’t believe in that. But, I control how much of the negative news I allow into my brain! So should you! I watch enough TV news to be aware of what is happening around the world. I am careful about the news I watch. I read the newspaper but I try to balance the positive with the negative. We live close to Manhattan. I don’t need to fill my head each day with all the crimes that take place in New York. But, I do need to know what is happening around the country. If you are in business, so do you!


One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given came from the book THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleion Hill. He said to be involved with the kind of people you want to like. He also said somethng like, “In five years you will be like the people you associate with now.” That may be a little off but it is close enough! For over twenty years I participated in a 6:00 AM Wednesday Bible Study with a group of about fifteen men in Portland. They were all positive about life and supportive of each other. Over the years I have had lunch about once a month with a group of six men. All businessmen. Roughly the same age. Four of us earned a million dollars by the time we were forty. All four of us lost a million by the time we were fifty and got to start over! The support, advice, and humor of that group helped each of us through numerous trials and tribulations. Develop a small group that will do this for you. Four of that group knew each other from our kids school. The four brought in two more. You will never regret having a small group that you can turn to once in a while for simple talk.


I set up this website to share information about health. This post is about maintaining a healthy attitude toward life. This can help greatly in keeping our bodies healthy. Our minds have a tremendous amount to do with the physical health of our bodies. I hope you enjoyed these few thoughts and that they may serve to help you in your life journey!



  1. Yes, the work world has indeed changed! I spent many years working in an office, and enjoyed going to work each morning and back each evening. Then in 2012, I changed my work completely and went from accounting to truck driving – for better pay. So when the pandemic hit, I experienced no change at all, just kept on truckin’… 

    Recently, however, I looked at a job where I would have been working totally from home, but my wife didn’t think I would like going from truck driving (only home for a couple days a week) to being home all the time! So…I’m still driving!

    But you presented a very thoughtful analysis on a phenomenom that a lot of people have had to deal with, for sure…

    1. Dan, When I was farming I owned my own Freightliner and to take it on the road was one of my greatest pleasures!  I must admit though, that I enjoy working at home!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your article about maintaining a healthy attitude toward life. I think you make some great points, especially about the importance of having a schedule, a work-life balance, and being involved with positive, like-minded people.

    I especially resonated with your point about controlling excessive media. I find that when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed, I’m more likely to turn to the news or social media for a quick fix. But as you said, it’s important to be mindful of how much negative information we’re consuming. I’ve found that it’s helpful to limit my news intake to a few trusted sources, and to focus on positive stories whenever possible.

    1. Jeffrey, Thanks for your comments.  I find that sometimes the comments made to my articles provide me very good information for my own growth!

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